Restoration consists of the methodological moment in which the work of art is recognized in its physical being and in its dual esthetic and historical nature, in view of its transmission to the future.

Cesare Brandi, Theory of Restoration – 1963

These few lines summarize the essence of our work.

Every stage of the restoration is performed meticulously, with the aid of modern investigative techniques. The procedure, based on scientific methodologies, is the foundation of the artwork recognition, which is essential to guarantee a professionally qualified service.

  • Historical–artistic research and study of the artist
    and its work
  • Surface cleaning of paintings on canvas, wood board, copper, ivory etc.
  • Lining, tear repair, paint consolidation and
    conservative restoration
  • Stucco restoration
  • Paint loss repair
  • Surface coating
  • Photographic documentation
  • Technical report on the state of preservation and
    the intervention performed
  • Detailed condition reports for artwork
  • Non-invasive diagnostics of the artwork through
    laboratory testing (upon request)
  • Free estimates